A phoenix from ashes? Pick your metaphor, e-Marginalia is back. Or… we will be soon.

e-MarginaliaNow in the third incarnation, e-Marginalia is still “the proverbial campfire where wanderers collect to share art and artifacts from their adventures.” Still immersion adventure, flânerie, and inspiration to meander beyond the margin.

But expect changes. Possibly a new name. More white space. Less clunk. More quirk.

Give me a few months to migrate and relaunch, and in the mean time please help spread the word to anyone who wants to probe beyond the cozy, the ersatz, the safe. It’s time to break out of time-worn ruts. It’s time to meander more!


Explorers, travel and adrenaline junkies, artists, nomads, flâneurs, storytellers, doodlers, poets. You?


Lifestyle candy. Inspiration. Exploration. Wake up call. Blog.


Passionate people tell the best stories. authentic


Soon. Really soon.


Right here. For now. Then, possibly, back to e-Marginalia.com. Perhaps not. I promise to let you know.


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